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Child Development

Child Development explores how a child develops from birth to age five from all perspectives: physical/motor, intellectual, social, emotional, and language. Here, you’ll focus on how development occurs within the context of family, community, culture, and relationships. You’ll gain deep knowledge of your own chosen area when you study a child in year 11.

Whether you just want to experience a class in child development or devote your entire educational career to studying the topic, there are plenty of great reasons to learn more about human development. If you choose to go on and study within psychology, education or medical field, some background knowledge of how children grow throughout life is essential. In addition to gaining a better understanding of other children, studying child development can also provide a greater personal insight.

You will also better your understanding on how to interact with children. Once you learn and gain experience of the stages of development and what makes children tick, you will feel more comfortable talking, playing and working with them.

The course consists of 60% coursework and 40% examination. Students sit one paper of 1 hour 30 minutes which covers the following areas: family and parenting, preparation for pregnancy and birth, physical development, nutrition and health, intellectual, social and emotional development and finally community support.

There are four pieces of coursework: The child study task (30%) and three short tasks (10% each)



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