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Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are allowed in the Academy when used according to the Academy rules which are:


  • Mobile phones can only be used before the warning bells in the morning, at break and lunchtime before the warning bell and after 3.25pm. 
  • Students are trusted to use their phone considerately at other times. 
  • Students may use the phone on Reception at break and lunchtimes if they need to contact parents urgently.
  • Parents and family members should avoid texting or telephoning students on mobiles during the day. Reception is manned at all times and important messages will be passed onto students.



Should a mobile phone be confiscated from a student at any point during the academic year, the following sanction will apply:


  • Any mobile phone seen or heard after the warning bells at 8.50, 11.15 and 1.55, in lessons or in-between lessons 1 & 2 and 3 & 4, during assemblies and registration will be confiscated.
  • For a first offence, the phone can be collected by the student at the end of the day.  A text will be sent home.
  • For a second offence, the phone can be collected and signed for by a parent or carer on the day. The student will no longer be allowed to bring their mobile into the Academy for the rest of the term.