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Pupils at Harris Church of England Academy in Rugby had a look at the future of housing when Tiny House UK brought their latest tiny house into the school for the students to see.


The Key Stage 3 pupils are in the middle of a Design and Technology Product Design project in which they are designing their own tiny house.
Product Design Subject Leader at Harris Academy Mr Fran Martin set the project partly to show the students an alternative to the current property market.
“With the average age of first time buyers being 36 and the average deposit being £31,000 this shows the students that there is a possible alternative and they can escape costly mortgages or high rents, reduce their living expenses and live in a more environmentally friendly way.”
“The students have been really enthusiastic about the challenge of designing a liveable tiny home with space-saving transformable furniture and are looking forward to working on their final scale models.”


The tiny house movement, which originated in the USA, is now gaining popularity in the UK helped by TV programmes like George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and George recently helped spread the word on twitter when he retweeted Mr Martin’s tweet about the school visit to his 67 thousand followers.

Mark Burton from Tiny House UK says “I’d like to see some land set aside to set up a village of tiny homes. You often have elderly people living together in mobile homes - why not have younger people doing the same, but in these? Or they can be used for glamping accommodation, student housing or even for extended families.”

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