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University of Birmingham Popular Maths Lecture ONLINE


Apologies that we could not deliver the lecture this evening as planned. Although we had trialled the software many times it seems as though there were too many people trying to join at once leading to too many technical issues so we had to stop.


It was wonderful to see so many of you eager to hear Dr Sophie Carr’s lecture so we plan on recording it and I will send out a link for you to watch it. I am hopeful to do this by the end of the day on Friday so that you can watch it at your leisure on Friday night or over the weekend.


Once again I apologise for the confusion, delivering lectures in this way is new to all of us so I’m sure you can appreciate we are still learning!


You already think like a great mathematician - now put that to really good use!

Dr Sophie Carr


Did you know you already think like a great mathematician?  You’ve got an innate ability to pull together different pieces of information and make a decision – you can even alter your opinion when more information becomes available.  Everyday life is full of examples of such cause and effect but when we get our information from sources such as the media, often we can only see the effect.  How then can you work out what caused the number you’re seeing and decide if it’s trustworthy? Come and join Sophie on a whistle stop tour of how Bayesian statistics has risen to be such an important part of everyday life and learn more about how you decided whether or not to trust the numbers you see.


Date: Wednesday 25th March

Time: Login from 6:45pm. Due to finish at approximately 8pm

Link to login:


Instructions to log in


Please make sure you use Chrome or Firefox as your browser and follow the URL link above. You will be asked to provide a name and how you would like to listen to the talk. Please click on the computer option. You do not need to register to Join.Me to watch the lecture.

If you would like to watch the lecture on your mobile phone you can still click on the link but you will be directly to your app store to download the app. It’s free and requires NO REGISTRATION.


I would recommend clicking the link now so that you are familiar with how the page will look. You won’t be able to access the meeting as it isn’t live but you will be able to add your name and have a small look around the page.


At the start of the lecture I will talk through how to use the chat box and how we plan on delivering the content and taking questions. As I’m sure you can appreciate this is new to us all so please be considerate if everything does not run completely to plan, we will learn together!