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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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For the last few years our year 7’s at Harris Church of England Academy have been given the opportunity to fund raise for an organisation called LEPRA. LEPRA are a UK based charity who treat, rehabilitate and educate people who are suffering with the disease Leprosy. Last year 215,656 people were diagnosed globally. Millions more are living with the long term effects of the disease including disability and prejudice.


Each year our Year 7 students have blown us away with their support and generosity towards this cause. We have received very positive recognition in the past from LEPRA for our creative and imaginative fundraising efforts and this year we are hoping to be just as successful.


On Friday 30th January students will attend an assembly which will be led by a representative from LEPRA. They will provide students with some information about the disease and the work that the charity carries out globally.


This year we are challenging students to collectively travel the miles which equal the distance from Rugby to India. We want students to be as creative as possible in trying to achieve this. This could include students organising their own sponsored walk/run; arranging a sponsored bike ride; wearing a pedometer and tracking their steps on a daily basis; rowing some of the distance on the rowing machine and much more.


All students will be provided with a sponsorship pack where they can record the names and donations of the people who are sponsoring them and the miles that they have collected. We will track the miles on a chart in school so students can see how close they are to meeting their target.

Students who raise £25 or more will receive a gift from the charity and they will be rewarded with vivos for their efforts from the school.