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Speakers for Schools Newsletter - June 2020


Students from Harris CofE Academy have benefited from Speakers for Schools talks in previous academic years and now can access these from home.  Below is an example of upcoming speakers and we recommend you check them out.  More will be listed on the website. 


The bp inspire me series features bp employees sharing their inspirational stories, related to eight key skills identified as essential for success in education and employment. This week sees the final week of this talk series.


Each session gives an insight into one of the skills when the speaker will bring to life how they have cultivated this through their experiences and how it helps them in their career today and its relevance to the workplace. These skills have been identified as a universal framework of essential skills by the Skills Builder Foundation.


Click this link for upcoming talks and how to access them.  This page will also give you the age group at which the talk is aimed.





Tuesday 25th August 14:00-14:45pm

Skill: Creativity

Before taking on her current role, Carol ran bp Shipping and was the chief operating officer for IST oil. She has more than 20 years in the energy industry, many in supply and trading. Previous roles, include chief operating officer for natural gas liquids, regional leader of global oil Europe and finance. Carol also served as the head of the group chief executive’s office. Carol will talk about her experiences in the energy industry and share examples of creativity and innovation during a time of transition in bp and the energy industry.

Thursday 27th August 14:00-14:45pm

Skill: Leadership

Kerry leads people and culture at bp. As a key enabler of business delivery, people and culture aims to create an inclusive culture and collaborative and agile workplace which enables emotionally connected leaders and dynamic teams to work together to help bp achieve its purpose – reimagining energy for people and our planet. Kerry will talk about leadership in the context of the energy transition and reinventing bp.


Click this link for an activity sheet to fill in and email to your teacher to let them know what you thought.


STEM Resources


These were sent us by The Royal Academy of Engineering and are collated from The Royal Academy of Engineering’s website, STEM Learning’s site, and also the Smallpeice Trust’s site.


STEM at Home Resources





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Brilliant Club


The Brilliant Club is producing a weekly newsletter giving links to learning resources.  Please click on the link below to find the newsletters so far.

Let's Create from The Arts Council


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