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Harris Church of England Academy home page

Harris Church of England Academy

'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

Harris Church of England Academy home page

Sports Fixtures

w/c September 20Monday September 20U16 FootballAshlawn
Tuesday September 21U13 Netball vs. BiltonHarris
Wednesday September 22U16 Netball vs. Bilton
Thursday September 23U14 FootballAshlawn
U12 Football vs. AshlawnHarris
w/c September 27Tuesday September 28U12 FootballBilton
U13 Netball vs. AshlawnHarris
Wednesday September 29U15 Netball vs. Ashlawn
U16 Netball vs. Ashlawn
w/c October 4Monday October 4U13 Football vs. Arden (cup)Harris
Tuesday October 5U14 Football vs. Rugby Free
U13 NetballAvon Valley
Wednesday October 6U15 Netball vs. Avon ValleyHarris
U16 Netball vs. Avon Valley
Thursday October 7U15 FootballRugby Free
(U12 & U16 football are due to play Rugby Free but awaiting confirmation)
w/c October 11Tuesday October 12U14 FootballPrincethorpe
U16 Football vs. PrincethorpeHarris
U13 Netball vs. Rugby Free and Princethorpe
Wednesday October 13U15 Netball vs. Rugby Free
U16 Netball vs. Rugby Free
Thursday October 14U12 FootballPrincethorpe
U13 Football vs. PrincethorpeHarris
U15 Football Princethorpe
w/c October 18Monday October 18U16 Football vs. Avon ValleyHarris
Tuesday October 19U13 NetballRugby High
U16 Netball
Wednesday October 20U13 FootballAvon Valley
U14 Football vs. Avon ValleyHarris

Thursday October 21

U12 Football vs. Avon Valley
U15 FootballAvon Valley


Note that there are still some cup games that we are waiting to hear back from and as we have already got through to the next round, waiting to see who we are to play.