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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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Virtual Work Experience

Virtual Work Experience


Virtual work experience (sometimes called online, remote or digital work experience) gives young people a chance to gain experience in the workplace, develop their skills, boost their employability and explore new industries and job roles.


At Harris we give students the opportunity take part in work experience during a dedicated week in Year 10. Virtual work experience is an option for students who are unable to find a physical placement or would like access to companies that are not local or do not offer physical placements. 


You can also access virtual work experience in your school holidays or spare time to gain skills and boost your CV.


Click on the images below to find virtual work experience opportunities.


Speakers for Schools - Create an account and apply for virtual work experience opportunities for students in years 9 and above

Springpod - Meet leading industry experts, complete mini-activities, and get noticed by employers.

Barclays Life Skills - Gives you a unique opportunity to gain work experience in a company that you might not normally get access to while highlighting the essential skills you might need.
Forage - Bite-sized 5-6 hour virtual work experience programs that give students a genuine career advantage with Fortune 500 companies.
Medic Mentor - Work experience to enhance your insight into a career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine.
Aspiring Medics - Work experience in medicine. Some are only offered to 16 and over.