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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

Harris Church of England Academy home page


WhatNext? Coventry, is inviting YOU to join them on a brand-new and exciting project – PROJECT EMPOWER


Project Empower aims to empower, equip and enlighten young people from Black and South Asian backgrounds allowing them to feel confident about making choices which will heavily impact their future and have fundamental skills which will allow them to #beexcellent. We do this with the delivery of tailored mentoring and sessions on life skills and holistic higher education options.


The sessions are split into Life Skills and Higher Education sessions. These sessions aim to provide you with skills that will allow you to thrive in life after school and give you a chance to increase your networks so YOU CAN LEAD ON YOUR OWN PROJECTS! 


These include:


1.     University, What is right for me?: Understand what University is and its benefits, helping you plan for the future.

2.     Apprenticeships and beyond: Develop your understanding of options outside of going to university and provide avenues to explore these HE options.

3.     Communication skills: Understanding the importance of communication skills online and in person. Learn how to articulate your viewpoint so you are heard!

4.     Career skills: A crash course on CVs, cover letters and interviews increasing your confidence when it comes to applying for jobs.

5.     Money management: Providing you with the basics of financial literacy and the importance of effective budgeting, allowing you to be confident with managing money.

6.     Mental wellbeing and mindfulness: Learn techniques to support mental well-being by proposing an “Emotional Fitness/Wellbeing Plan” and destigmatising mental illness.


All sessions are highly interactive, giving you the opportunity to engage with students across the country, get involved with debates, put your creative hats on and finally actually have some good fun whilst being stuck at home!


Let WhatNext?Coventry create an environment for you to escape the boring reality of a lockdown and harness your superpower which is being authentically yourself!


We will be partnering with some of the best people to make sure its worth giving up a few of those FIFA games or Tiktok dances!


For our communications session, InitiatedNation; a Black-owned company aimed at creating a space for creatives and professionals to come together. Plus, the careers session led by Econominds; Female run educational company providing industry expert knowledge and advice to make sure you get your dream job!


Prizes are available to anyone that joins up with us now! Find out what they are at the taster session!


To get involved and learn skills that could change your life, alongside winning prizes, having pizza nights and having something huge to add to your CV, click the link below to sign up. Don’t forget, make sure you refer a friend!


Our taster session is Wednesday 10th February 2021 at 6pm, I can’t wait to see you there! Click here to sign up