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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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Student Voice

The Student Voice Steering Group provides overall guidance and direction for student engagement in quality enhancement activities, including student consultation, student representation, partnership initiatives and student feedback. It acts as the Steering Group for the Student Engagement Project.

The Group is chaired By Business Manager and representatives are taken from every Year group.


  • Providing oversight and guidance to ensure the effectiveness of activities that engage students in quality enhancement across the Academy.
  • Provide ideas and activities that enhance the Christian ethos of the school community and provides support for students
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of student engagement in quality enhancement, proposing and overseeing implementation of changes as required.
  • Developing mechanisms for ensuring student views coming from a range of formal and informal channels of engagement in quality enhancement are joined up, that they have an impact on what the Academy does, its decisions and operations, and that students told how their views have affected decision-making, and if not why not.
  • Promoting a culture of listening to and acting on the student voice amongst students and staff.
  • Developing and promoting partnership initiatives between students and staff.


Success Criteria

  1. The lives of students has been enhanced as a result of positive engagement with the student Council
  2. The Christian ethos is improved and embedded across the school
  3. Pupils are aware of the impact of the Council
  4. Engagement with school council is high
  5. Community engagement is enhanced through programmes designed and run by the council





Business Manager

Lead Student Council Prefects

Year Group lead and Deputy for each Year Group


Each Class will have a Student Voice representatives and they will liaise with the elected members of the council Termly.

Student Voice At Harris


Student Voice is strong at Harris and we have an active Student Council who meet every half term. Each tutor group have reps who meet with their Year group prior to the full student Council meeting. Representatives are elected by their peers and an election is scheduled for September for the new Year 7 students.




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