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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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you will look back on your time in this role with a sense of pride, particularly in future years when you move on to university and further afield.

As a School Prefect a weight of responsibility rests on your shoulders. Teachers will ask you to take on extra duties in addition to your normal studies and extracurricular activities and expect you to behave in an exemplary manner at all times, setting the standard by which the other students measure themselves. You will play a crucial role in ensuring that the ethos of the school carries across to all areas of school life. Our prefects should be role models of our vision “Whilst we have time let us do good to all”.

The students will look up to you and will follow your example therefore it is imperative that you set a good example. Your actions, and the way you conduct




As a Prefect you are especially important and will have a big impact on life at School. You will need to treat all students equally and fairly and work to ensure that the students you represent are cared for and supported. At times they will need you to listen to them and they will need your help and advice to work through their problems. There may be new students who feel a bit nervous and it is your responsibility to make these students feel welcome and included in aspects of school life.

In essence, being a School Prefect is not about you it is about the students you represent.

In performing your duties as a Prefect, you will be expected to:


  • Observe the school rules at all times
  • Display the Harris Values
  • Be dressed appropriately at all times
  • Maintain an excellent attendance record
  • Be punctual for your duties
  • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • Be able to encourage and motivate fellow students
  • Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible 
  • Be respectful toward teachers, your peers, and the school environment 
  • Display leadership qualities: confidence, initiative, problem solving skills 
  • Be willing to take on extra responsibility
  • Be able to work independently and complete tasks without supervision 
  • Maintain a good academic record
  • Be a good ambassador for the school
  • Report any safeguarding concerns

 Prefect Job Descriptions

Post Job Description

Head Boy/Girl 

  • Prepare duty rotas and make sure that they are carried out 
  • Open Days & events.
  • Be prepared for special duties, including speeches
  • Find out and understand the problems and views of the school and represent them to the SLT and Staff
  • Hold regular Prefects’ Meetings

 Values & Equalities Lead Prefects

  • Assist the Staff in developing an inclusive school
  • Support the diversity within the school
  • Support the development of positive cultural events to support inclusion

Harris Scholars Lead Prefects

  • Help develop programmes and opportunities for HA’s
  • Support HA events
  • Develop material to promote the Academy

Student Voice Lead Prefects

  • Gather views of the school and implement positive changes
  • Liaise with staff about improvements for students
  • Support the school community

Worship Lead Prefect

  • Support the development of worship in the Academy
  • Develop resources to support worship
  • Carryout outreach in to the community
  • Link with other religious groups and events to develop inclusion in school
  • Actively encourage other students in to worship

Lead House Prefects

The key role of the House Prefect is to lead the House by example and enthusiasm and so to encourage the development of house spirit with the support of his or her House. You assist the House by keeping a watchful eye on pupils and helping them to gain confidence and enjoyment through participation in House activities & school life.

  • Develop House competitions
  • Encourage participation by House
  • Encourage Team Spirit
  • Develop Materials for displays and website

 Prefects’ Requirements

Personal skills and aptitudes

  • Self-confident: be bold and assertive
  • Ability to speak in public, to students and adults 
  • Team working skills  Be organised and resourceful
  • Be polite, honest,


  • Prefects must adhere to School rules and regulations at all times
  • The main duty of Prefects is to maintain an atmosphere of friendly cooperation, discipline and unity in the school
  • Prefects should serve as role models to other students
  • Prefects must liaise and collaborate with each other, as a team, to ensure efficiency and smooth running of their own area of responsibility and of the school as a whole
  • Prefects’ academic and behavioural standards must be maintained
  • Prefects will always work in the interest of the school
  • Certain Prefects will be given specific roles and responsibilities
  • Support with lunchtime duties


Limits to authority

  • Implementation of sanctions are carried out by members of Staff only.


Removal from post of prefect


Prefects who fail to adhere to Prefect Code of Conduct and to maintain the role and responsibilities of Prefect will be given a notice of intention to remove their prefecture status by the Head. Students failing to address the area/s of concern will have their prefect status removed and another student will be appointed to the role. If there is a serious behaviour breach the Prefect status will be removed immediately, this will include any incident that requires a sanction of either isolation or exclusion.


Prefect Mission  - “Whilst we have time let us do good to all”


In order to reach our vision we need to:


Be mindful of our responsibility, profile and position at all times and in all situations.


Take to heart the ethos, discipline and atmosphere that forms the foundations of our success as a school.


Be firm and fair in all matters and decisions.


Work together as a team, a unit. Never breaking each other down but always encouraging.

 Be self disciplined.


Develop a hunger for success, keeping vision minded and goal driven.


Enlarge our capacities, grow as a person and be able to be taught.


Be servant hearted and humble.   All Prefects must agree with the following:


I recognise the position of prefectship into which I have been placed and by doing so commit myself to Harris CofE Academy by:


  • Upholding, living and reflecting the strong ethos and shared core values of Harris, representing the Academy with pride and honour, being honest, loyal and dutiful and to show respect, tolerance and courtesy, working for justice, discipline, peace and harmony. 
  •  Always striving to be fair and firm without fear or favour. 
  • I resolve to act at all times in such a manner that I shall be a worthy
  • I shall adhere to the school code of conduct and school rules and ensure they are followed by all learners. 
  • I commit myself to being a true example of leadership, moral character and of a Harris student; to carry out all assigned prefect duties with a servant heart and a loyal willingness and with a strict punctuality.
  • I will do the above with unceasing dedication and enthusiasm.