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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

I just wanted to pass on our thanks (my husband's and mine) to all staff for Sports day.  J said he really enjoyed it and had fun interacting with friends.  It is great that the school allowed them that opportunity and was so nice to see J's enthusiasm when he got home. A bit of 'normality' like that is a good booster!


Best wishes,

Harris Parent


I just wanted to say thank you so much for continuing to hold the Sports Day yesterday.

I know it must have taken an awful lot of organisation to conform to Covid requirements and also plan for all weather eventualities, so I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all your hard work.  It was so lovely for the students to have something to look forward to and then a day of coming together and supporting each other.  It has been great for the students morale and well-being - there was a definite buzz amongst all of them coming down the road last night.

I also wanted to say thank you for the decision about PE kits next year.  Evelyn really feels that are a school who listen to the students and have their well-being at heart, and I fully agree.  I really appreciate your attitude of mutual respect and reward.  I also think the children look smart in their PE kits, especially now there is the uniform hoody too - but I know that also takes hard work from your end to keep the rules enforced.

At the end of a very long term when everyone is flagging, your continued support, encouragement and care of the students is priceless.

Thank you.


Harris Parent


My son had the opportunity to go Kayaking during the mental health awareness week.  I would just like to thank you for organising this, S thoroughly enjoyed the time on the water and being able to have fun with his friends.


This last year has obviously been very difficult for so many people and I would say that overall S has coped well and  I don’t have any real concerns about him, but having this opportunity was such a boost for him.


So a big thank you to you and your staff for organising this.


Kind regards,

Year 10 Parent



Dear Mrs Harrison,


I have just finished M's Parent consultation with all his teachers and just wanted to say THANKYOU!!! 


The video call system was outstanding! So simple, no waiting around, teachers were well prepared and to the point and it was just so so easy, and I'm sure much simpler for the teachers as the cut off time for the appointments was final. 


I've never had a bad parent consultation evening, so I've always been very fortunate, but absolute credit to all your wonderful teachers, after such challenging times they have absolutely nailed it, M is on track and I am so impressed. 


So please pass on to all of your staff that I'm in awe of the fantastic job they have done, I truly appreciate all their hard work and dedication, and tonight was probably my favourite parent consultation ever.


Many thanks as always


Parent of Year 10 student

As we approach the end of home schooling I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all your  staff for the incredible  job they've done over the past few months.  To sustain the levels of good teaching and enthusiasm I've heard coming from my son's laptop for a whole day in such difficult circumstances is truly commendable and must be very wearing!  He has been  fully engaged by all his teachers and said although he's  found it harder than being in class he doesn't feel as if he's fallen behind in his learning.


The regular parent information emails  have also  been  much appreciated. Lets hope the rest of the school year is a little easier .


Kind  Regards 

Parent of Year 10 Student


Feedback to a member of staff:


Thank you ever so much for having a chat with J, it really means a lot to me...and J! 


I feel extremely happy that J has such a good rapport with you, we are very lucky to have you within our support team. 


J has had a few worries about Covid in school but I feel confident that you will help put his mind at risk. 



Year 8 Parent


I just wanted to feedback on how fantastic the Online teaching and learning has been and we are so grateful for all the excellent support and feedback M has received from you and all the staff at Harris last half term.  It must have been tough on you all to adapt in these difficult times but it has been a real godsend for us.  You have all done a remarkable job giving these kids a focus, providing excellent teaching and learning and all in such scary and uncertain times……thank you all so much.


Best wishes

Year 8 Parent


Comment from Year 7 Parents Evening

M is increasing in confidence with using computers/IT. I'm afraid she and I have always left technological things to her big brother! However, I've been pleased to see her negotiating her way through online lessons independently. Thank you for all your work during these unprecedented times.


Comments from Year 9 students


The messages received from school are really supportive and cheer you up when you are down.


All staff at Harris are excellent.  I struggled at junior school until Year 6 and Harris has continued to build my confidence and have helped me blossom especially during lockdown.


Dear Mrs Harrison,


I hope that you and your family are well and that the Harris Community, especially the children, are coping well with the current lockdown.


I just wanted to write to you, and to all of our N's teachers, to say a huge thank you for everything that you are doing to educate and support him, and the other children of course, and to limit the long-term damage to their education. Although delivering live lessons every day whilst sitting at a desk is not every teacher's comfort zone, what they are doing to help the children is very much appreciated. N has told me how much better school is during this lockdown, because he doesn't feel isolated in his room all day, working alone at his desk, with no contact with anyone except his family, just downloading and uploading worksheets and watching videos in isolation. He told me that he likes hearing and seeing the teacher, appreciates being able to ask questions and have immediate verbal responses, and finds the chat useful because he can learn from the questions that other children are asking. He knows he is not alone, that he belongs to a group, that there is some element of shared experience which he didn't feel during his lessons in the first lockdown. So, all in all, you are all providing an excellent education for the children and many of us really do understand and appreciate what the teachers are going through. Please do pass on my congratulations and sincere thanks to your staff, especially those who teach N.


Kind regards,


Year 10 Parent


Dear staff at Harris,

Thank you for nominating our son to receive a post card and 10 HAPs. It is reassuring to know that he is doing his school work. He was really pleased to have that personal reward from Mr Bradley.

As I work in school all day to teach keyworker children or monitor online learning,  Our son has been left to his own devices (more than I would like) to engage with his work without having anyone physically present in the room to monitor his work. Both my husband and I are delighted that the live lessons and other work that has been set has engaged him. We are proud that he is becoming increasingly more self - motivated in his learning.

Thank you so much for everything that you are doing in these strangest of times for our son. It is thoroughly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Parents of Year 8 Student


Dear Mrs Lewis & Mr Fitz


I just wanted to thank you both for the excellent English Online Learning that my daughter is having. It is fantastic that she has a structured school week. I am working from home so I am able to glance across and see what she is doing. All the extra effort you are putting in is helping the students along with all of us home working parents. This makes for a happy home! Thank you!


Looking forward to meeting you Mrs Lewis at Parents Evening next week.


Kindest regards

Harris Parent


Dear Mrs Harrison,


I just wanted to write to you to thank yourself and all the Team at Harris and let you know that you are doing an amazing job in extremely difficult circumstances.


The level of support and the quality of the online lessons is outstanding.

It is very reassuring to have the support and help from all of the staff .


If my daughter is having difficulty with lessons or wellbeing both she and I know that we will be supported.


Please thank all of the staff for their incredibly hard work,


Many thanks,

Parent of Year 11 Student




I would like to give some feedback and let you know that I have been really impressed and I am thankful to my daughter’s teachers.  My daughter is taking the lessons really seriously and she is making sure she is ready for registration, has a drink and resources available for the lesson and is doing any homework set.  I think her attitude is down to her desire to do well but also for the teachers setting an expectation. 


I can appreciate it is a massive challenge for the teachers but I would like you to know that as a parent I am really pleased and grateful with what they are doing.  I will make sure she continues to give her best and please keep up the good work.


Best wishes,

Parent of Year 8 student

To the staff of Harris Academy,


It has been good to hear from the Chair of Governors recently of the incredibly dedicated work of staff in continuing to deliver the best possible education to pupils at Harris School.  


On behalf of the Anglican churches of the Rugby Deanery, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all you are doing and would like to assure you of our continued prayers during this difficult time. 


With every blessing

Tim Cockell
Rector, St Mark’s Bilton
Area Dean of Rugby


Just wanted to send a massive thank you to all the Yr8 teachers who have supported our son this week with true online learning. It’s been amazing and we just wanted you to know how fabulous you all are especially when most likely you have your own children at home too.


I just wanted to say thank you to the school for the hard work that has gone into the home learning.

I have always been impressed with the communication from the school and the boys are engaged in their lessons.

We definitely made the right choice in Harris for our secondary.


Just wanted to drop you a line to say how well online is working this lockdown. People are always so quick to criticise or give negative comments that I wanted to give some positive feedback.

My daughter is loving this online learning with live lessons.

Thank you very much for working so hard to enable it.

Take care and stay safe

Dear Mrs Harrison

I am sure it can’t be easy for school staff right now, but we just wanted to say thank- you for all the work the staff are doing in teaching the pupils.

The virtual lessons, have really helped them stay more focused.

Kind Regards
Parent of Year 8 and 10 Students


Just wanted to send a massive thank you to all the Yr8 teachers who have supported our son this week with true online learning. It’s been amazing and we just wanted you to know how fabulous you all are especially when most likely you have your own children at home too.


Good afternoon,


Please pass on my thanks to all school staff involved in delivering the live lessons this week. It is by no means an easy feat to deliver lessons in this way and as parents we greatly appreciate all the hard work the staff are putting in at this very difficult time. 


Many thanks 

Harris Parent


I have to say that Harris has significantly improved their online teaching. We have our youngest daughter attending a different school and their online teaching is just limited to a catch-up, whereas I can see my daughter is really enjoying Harris' online classes and she is really motivated and excited. We have the feeling that she is learning, and that's exactly the key thing. Thanks for this, as I can imagine this must require a comprehensive preparation. Tough times for all of us, but clearly going in the right direction.


With kind regards

Parent of Year 7 student


Thank you. I'll pray for some ups to come. Everything that the school has done has made those unsettling months 10 times better. Settling into this school was so easy because the school was always there to help. I have never missed school so much, sometimes it takes losing something to realise how much you love it. Harris is so good it has a community feeling which is what every good school needs. Mrs Harrison and all the staff has done so well to push Harris through this and made sure we all come out of this hard time happy and healthy. Although I'm not doing so well myself, the staff must be going through 10 times more stress so I hope you're keeping well and staying calm. It is hard times right and I pray for better times. But just for you to know if there is anything [probably not much but even if the support is enough]  I am here and happy to do whatever to help the school.


Year 7 Student

Good morning,


I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible job you are all doing!


I know you will have all spent your Christmas ‘holiday’ preparing for a very different term to the one we now have and you were given very little notice of the changes. I have been delighted with the remote learning provision you have put in place and I know that my daughter has found it easy to engage with and feels very supported. I can’t begin to tell you what a relief that is, as she is having to be at home on her own and self-manage the whole situation independently.


I can’t wait for the day when we can all get back to normal and you can all go back to doing what you do best, but please know that I think you are all exceptionally good at remote learning too!! 


If there is anything we can do to support the school please do ask.


Kind regards,

Parent of Year 8 student


Good morning,


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the online lessons. They have made a huge difference to home schooling. My daughter has been getting on so well with them and it's nice to see her happy and smiling during the online lessons. 


The teachers have been fantastic and I have heard them praising my daughter for her work efforts which has been a huge encouragement for her. I appreciate how hard this is for you so I just wanted to recognize what a huge success it's been our end so far.


Thank you

Parent of Year 7 student


Can I take this opportunity to thank you and all Harris staff for all the hard work you are doing to help protect and educate our children, you are all doing an amazing job and I hope you all know it is greatly appreciated by myself and my husband. I pray you and your families all stay healthy and safe through these unpredictable times, and hope to see you all again soon. 


Many thanks 

Year 8 Parent - January 2021


Good morning


I just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know how thrilled I am that my son is now at Harris. Although he was only with you for 2 days before this lockdown the change in his work attitude is amazing.


Before all this homework was an absolute nightmare and caused more arguments than anything else. I expected the same with doing school work at home! Don't get me wrong he has struggled with bits but his teachers have been amazing in helping us out. Particularly Ms Adams. My son has never liked literature or English but has tried his best, so when he gets the feedback from her it has given him the most amazing buzz to see that he is doing it right and getting praise for doing so. 


Massive turn around in him and I can't thank the staff enough for the positive feedback they send.


Yours sincerely 

Year 8 Parent - June 2020


Dear Mrs Harrison


I just wanted to let you know your staff have been amazing in supporting my daughter in Year 7. They have been so understanding as she is struggling to do online work. Thank you for putting up with my emails and all of you have responded in such a positive way. I know it's a challenging time for you all having to combine home life with school life and all the year groups you have to prepare work for.  If a positive has come from this I have got to know some of my daughter's teachers more this way than I ever would in normal circumstances and she is very lucky to have such great staff.


Thank you

Year 7 parent - June 2020