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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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Spiritual Development

Harris is serious about developing well-rounded individuals and as such we focus on the spiritual development of our students. This isn’t just about religion, either. It is about helping members of our Harris family understand and develop who they are in relation to the world around them. 


Spiritual Development is tricky to define, but at Harris, we see spirituality as being concerned with a deep and deepening relationship between an individual and themselves, others, the world around them, and God or a `divine other`. 


We believe that it is an essential part of church school life and a key to helping our young people and staff flourish. When spiritual development works well and is combined with the right approach it has a significant impact on the student, on staff, and therefore on the school as a whole. 


We use a common language to speak about Spiritual development here at Harris based upon the work of Rebecca Nye and Ronni Lamont which includes, but is not isolated to: 




Relational Consciousness - how the individual relates to themselves, to others, to nature and the world, and to God/Beyond. 



MOG’s - Moments of Ordinary Grace - those moments which enrich and enhance the lives of individuals and those around them. It is a special moment with a student which cannot be quantified where we might say that God breaks through, or there is something special happening.


Windows (Observing), Mirrors (Reflecting), and Doors (Acting) - Windows allow us to look out at the world and observe what is happening. Mirrors allow us to look in a reflection and this can be done either alone or together. Doors mean stepping through and purposely responding to the world around us. 


Each department considers where there are opportunities for spiritual development within the curriculum. Spirituality is all around us and within us and by giving our students and staff the opportunity to explore these moments which go beyond ourselves.