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Winchester House can be summed up in one word 'family'.  Year / tutor groups are part of a small family, who then belong to their Winchester family, the Winchester family is part of the Harris family, and to this end, we adopt the values expected across the whole school.  That expectation is that students try their best to display behaviour which is:


  • harmonious
  • aspirational
  • responsible
  • respectful
  • inspirational
  • sociable


Our ethos is that all family members treat one another with respect and dignity, and in a manner they wish to be treated themselves.  We support, we celebrate, we encourage, we guide, and we also aim to put family members back on the right track where they have derailed.  Everyone is everyone's responsibility.  But, we are also our own responsibility, and to quote Maya Angelou “If I am not good to myself, how can I expect anyone else to be good to me?”  To this end, we encourage everyone to see their own self-worth, and recognise that they are unique, lovable, and loved.


Winchester have always been the sporty house.  Every year that I've been at the school Winchester have won at field and track events (and no, that isn't because I am in charge of scoring!). Records have been broken yearly by students running, jumping, and throwing like their lives depended on it!


I was proud to take over as Winchester House Head this year.  Having been a Head of Computing and Business Studies for many, many years it was about time I had a change.  I always wanted to get more involved pastorally, as I strongly feel that there is more to school life than results.  Ok, grades are important, but I feel strongly that our Harris family should fly the nest with more than the curriculum under their belts, but as young people ready to break down barriers, and live their best lives.


My priorities for Winchester house in the short term are to get the pupils to understand their worth and contribution to the House.  We had all made a great start on that, and for several weeks in a row we won the house points, much to everyone's delight.  In the long term, my vision for Winchester is to ensure that there is a consistent approach from form tutors supporting the aspirations of all of our children, enabling them to achieve their potential through living the Harris values.

Recent successes in Winchester include election of the Head Boy, Sam R, and the Deputy Head Boy Alfie G for 2019 - 2020, we are massively proud of them both.  Ronan S has had some great successes playing Rugby, and got to play on the pitch at Twickenham.  Watch out for the twins, Casey and Connor, they are black belt Tai Kwon Do practitioners!  We have an excellent footballer in our house too, watch out for Nellija S, who is making her name known on the pitch.  


I can't wait to get back, and continue working with all the tutors and young people to make Winchester the best House - after all, we are the only one with 'WIN' in our title!


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