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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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Durham House




I am proud to have inherited a house with a passion for success and the moto which means Strive to succeed.


As Head of Durham house I will continue to strive for this. I will lead by example and aim to create an environment in which students feel secure and engage in excellent learning. Providing a platform for all students within the house to achieve their potential.


Durham House values are very important to me and my expectations as a Head of House are in line with the Harris School values.


These include

Harmonious – Students to be considerate towards each other within a harmonious school environment.

Aspirational – to feel that they can achieve their potential

Responsible – To take responsibility for their own actions

Respectful – To be respectful to one another in our school and in the wider community

Inspirational – To be inspirational to others as the students grow through the school years

Sociable – To enjoy their time in Durham House and form sound relationships.


Before we closed...

Louise E in yr.7 has been very successful in her swimming events.

Alice M in yr.8 has been busy on the family farm with lambing.

Darcy A in yr.7 has been very successful with her cheerleading competition.

Owen B in yr.7did really well contributing to a Q&A section of an assembly recently and is in the top ten for achieving HAPs for yr7.


Below is a poem that I have found to be inspirational to me during the lockdown and I will display it in our Durham notice board when we return.


Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly Video

Still image for this video

Durham's Vision

Win overall best house for the year


Create an environment in which students feel secure and engage in excellent learning


Encourage all students to achieve their full potential