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Harris Church of England Academy

'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

Harris Church of England Academy home page


'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

Collective worship 


Collective Worship is an integral part of the spiritual and religious life at Harris. It is hoped that through both tutor time worship and whole school collective worship, students and staff are invited to come together, for space that they may develop their own inner spiritual life as well as developing the spiritual religious life of the school. 


Whole School Collective Worship happens on a Friday afternoon, this includes prayer time, the singing of hymns and reflection on key topics and questions. As a Church of England school we follow the church’s year and where appropriate follow the lectionary. Opportunity is given for celebration and joy within the school community and it is hoped that students and staff are sent out from their week with a sense of peace and calm. 


Year Group Collective worship gives another chance for the students to come together as a worshipping community. Heads of Year will address issues relevant to the year group and again, time is given for reflection. 


Tutor Time Collective Worship happens daily, there is a chance for discussion, for prayer as well as for student involvement in leading the worship and reading both Bible passages and prayers. We have a  focus on scripture with ‘I wonder’ questions and time for contemplative ways of worshipping are given through an Examen reflection. 



School Prayer 

Heavenly Father, 


We thank you for our school and its vision, and pray that our values will have an impact on our lives and help us to walk in the right way. May we do good to all, in word and in deed.


Help students, staff and parents come together to make our school a place of peace and tranquility for better education for us and for future generations of this, our Harris Family. 


This we ask in the name of God that is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.




Harris Worship Reps

Each tutor group has at least one Worship Rep. 





Taking an active role in Tutor Time Collective Worship

  • Using the cross/candle to help the Tutor create an atmosphere of worship

  • Leading/reading 

  • Meeting with the Chaplain to evaluate and discuss collective worship 


Being involved in Whole School Collective Worship 

  • Delivering the reading

  • Helping to carry in the cross

  • Leading the whole school in prayer 

  • Suggesting themes for the future: being involved in the planning and helping to shape Collective Worship at Harris 


School Chapel 

Here at Harris we are extremely lucky to have a Chapel. It is a place where all are welcome for quiet reflection. Staff prayer sessions are held here and small groups meet too for prayer and reflection.