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I would like to formally introduce myself, Miss Jones, as the new head of York house.


I have been working at Harris for two years as an English teacher and as the co-ordinator for PSHE. I adore working in the classroom but my experience as a teacher has naturally taken on more of a pastoral role; running clubs on a Wednesday to help with well-being and supporting my form as a form tutor. I am very excited to carry on the legacy Mr Glendon-Doyle has created with York house and I am keen to make sure we remain focused on the houses charity work and finally beating Durham!


York has, and always will be, a house that focuses on the charitable and kind nature of our students. I have only been in this role a short time, but the support that the students in the House have given me is further evidence to the kindness that York embodies. I know that my students in the house would agree when I say that York in itself, is a family. We have many amazing tutors in our house who are willing to give up their time to bond, support and give advice to any student, this makes York house able to create life long memories with our students and create an atmosphere of joy.


My aspiration for York house essentially comes from the inspiration I took from my own experiences at school, I want to focus the house on developing our cultural capital and making sure every student in York’s aspiration is heard and encouraged by all members of the York team. I aim to develop further opportunities for the students of York house through house trips, competitions and opportunities for advancement (prefects). Our students have so much potential and I wish to harness this by showing our students what they could achieve as they are capable of pure excellence.  All of our students are individual and unique, which is why when they are meeting with myself, we have individual and unique ways of communicating for instance, Will R will never let me pass him without our elaborate hand shake!


This individuality and one to one connection with our students is something that I am missing drastically and I know that in these hard times we are all feeling a bit anxious and scared. I know our students are keeping safe and following government guidelines but I miss them all dearly and cannot wait until I get to see them all again. In the meantime York keep yourselves safe and I will see you as soon as I can.


If you wish to contact me you can do so via my email: or by phone on 01788 812549.  Please do be aware that I am still a classroom teacher and I am teaching a full timetable so any contact with me will be replied to within 24 hours.

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