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Useful careers websites

This page provides numerous useful career related websites which can help students and parents in terms of post 16 choices, further education or work based training. Whether you are looking for fun quizzes, resources for future pathways or courses, a free on-line lesson or wish to explore job roles and Labour Market Information {LMI}, there is something for everyone here!



This website shows the roles of all of the Careers Heroes who have stepped up during the Covid-19 outbreak!


Career Information - Specific Sectors



Warwickshire CAVA - Community & Voluntary Action

Warwickshire County Council Volunteering -

Rugby Town Centre -


Explore chosen pathways and courses


To find out more about each subject and what careers they can take you to, please visit the following link; - This is a great website which covers different industries and sectors and covers what a role entails, the needed qualifications for it, the potential earnings, and so on. - This is a fantastic website which explores various career guides which provide you with all of the necessary information to make the best choice for your future. Sectors include Animals, Armed Forces and Emergency Services, Beauty, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Health, IT, Media, Social Work, Sports, Trades and Transport. - The Young Professional suite of resources includes support from careers experts, youth ambassadors and also youth friendly employers including McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. - A brilliant website with many videos of numerous career sectors and brings the world of work alive! - A great website to experience a virtual work programme placement and to search job opportunities. - Explores chosen pathways and "how to become." - This is a directory of useful events and for school groups and individual students. - This is Loughborough Universities website which has a lot of useful information for students from year 9 and above.


Explore job roles and Labour Market Information {LMI} - This is part of Free Radio's website which is a fantastic, colourful and easy to read website for students. - This is a great website where you can participate in may careers activities and research numerous roles and sectors. and 2 brilliant website full of advice and fun activities to explore numerous different careers and look through a range of career related topics, such as stereotyping, career fact or fiction etc. - A great website which explores a variety of careers. - A great website with lot of careers activities and advise for students and parents. - Discover your strengths and what makes you tick, some jobs you may enjoy and what celebs you're like in this fun quiz!

This website centralises thousands of jobs available to help people find new career opportunities. A search for "trainee", "school leaver" or "apprentice" will bring up lots of potentially suitable vacancies for pupils.

This website is excellent for searching for jobs under a variety of sectors and you can also look at the latest edition of the Careers Magazine online. 

The official Warwickshire College Group website with a vast amount of information from Apprenticeships, school leavers advice, A-Levels, subjects and careers etc...

A website with a vast amount of information from 60 second interviews with a variety of people from different professions, interview techniques hints and tips, Apprenticeship information and much more! 

Adzuna is a search engine for job ads that lists every job, everywhere. Adzuna provide smarter search options and powerful data about the job market, giving you the information you need to take control of your career. 

Target Careers Futurewise helps to support school leavers make decisions about their future. You are able to explore options for Careers, University or Apprenticeships and also get help applying successfully. 


Further careers support and guidance websites - Zety is a great website for advising students as to how to write an outstanding CV with expert advice and in-depth analysis of each section. They also offer a related piece of advice on how to craft a persuasive personal statement via with examples and useful suggestions.

An excellent website offering support online, over the phone or face to face regarding career choices. It also provides free online support in building your CV and gives useful interview tips.

The official National Careers Week website sponsored by RBS has a huge number of free resources. Definitely worth a look!

Heart of England Training {HOET} has many years experience of delivering high quality vocational training and offers many apprenticeships and courses for students aged 16-19 years old.

The Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce Training has their own website supporting young people in training and development, further education and apprenticeships. An excellent source of advise. 

The Local Government Association website gives advise on working for your local Council and the options including Apprenticeships. 

This website is specifically aimed at young people who have a disability. 

A great website full of careers advise for young people including interview tips, creating a CV, Preparing for Assessments etc....

This website advertises apprenticeships, school leaver programmes and much more. You can even take the Career Test to guide you in the right direction.

A great website where students are able to quickly register their details and apply for positions in their preferred location and area of interest. This website advertises a number of Apprenticeships and Training Programmes. 


University and Higher Education Information for post 18


In order to find out what type of subjects you may enjoy studying, there is a fantastic questionnaire via this link which could help point you in the right  direction, The website brings together a wealth of video resources by us and universities across the UK in one place. - This is a website packed full of different university information, webinars, virtual fairs and resources.


Newman University Birmingham - This website provides lots of information from short webinars, open events and resources.


Taster Sessions with Arden University 

Subject Tasters 

 Taster Week – Law 

Taster Week – Psychology 

Taster Week – Computing 

Taster Week - Graphic Design 

Taster Week – Business

Taster Week - Criminology & Psychology 

Taster Week - Healthcare Management 


Careers Webinars

Carl Lygo: the art of never giving up 

The Globalisation of Organised Crime 

Careers and Employability; Becoming a Death Investigator 

Psychology Careers Week: The Impact of Working/ Studying from Home on Mental Health 

Psychology Careers Week: Occupational Psychologist 

Psychology Careers Week: Psychology Lecturer/Researcher 

Psychology Careers Week: Child Psychologist 

Psychology Careers Week: Health Psychologist 


Higher Education Websites - This is a brilliant website which has many previous and up and coming webinars on a variety of subjects within university. You will also learn about university life. Well worth a visit!


Apprenticeship information 

The Government website which tells you about Apprenticeships, how much you can earn and the different levels of Apprenticeships.

This is a useful website where you could find many local apprenticeships in all areas and sectors.

This is a fantastic website which offers a vast amount of information on Apprenticeships, Reviews, Jobs and Careers Advice for School and College Leavers. Definitely worth a look!!


Free online courses or Psychometric Tests This allows you to do an online course and learn about how to get into game development and how people have progressed in the sector. - An online course to prepare young people for the changing face of the workplace. - This free three week course provides the tools you need to succeed at interviews and land your dream job or course place.


The below Inductive Reasoning test and Spatial Reasoning Test are free to use and are a great way to practise your skills. - This website is a complete guide for students in dealing with psychometric tests during interview processes for internships and first full time jobs. This website offers free practice tests including numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests. 


The below 2 websites provide some brilliant activities to prepare students for tests that they may face during the recruitment process in the future. Have a go and test your ability! 


The below 2 websites also show situational judgement tests and diagrammatic reasoning tests which you may find useful. - Wikijob is a fantastic website which offers you free guides on cognitive ability tests. For further links, please visit and


Of course, if you already know which route you wish to take, you can go directly to the website of the College, University, Company etc. Remember, there is always someone there to help you!

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External Links

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