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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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Extended Learning

Extended Learning is an integral part of students’ learning experience at Harris. Through careful design and management, it is our intention that Extended Learning will encourage students to be responsible, one of our core Harris values:


RESPONSIBLE – students to take an active role in their learning, commit key knowledge to memory and recognise that they are accountable for their own success. 


Extended Learning is an important part of school life, contributing to student progress and attainment. It plays a key role in extending the knowledge, understanding and skills that are developed in school and provides opportunities for students to consolidate, enrich and extend their learning.  However, it is also believed that Extended Learning should be purposeful, timely and useful; with this in mind, our Departments have a degree of autonomy over the frequency and nature of their Extended Learning, recognising that rigid, ‘one-size fits all’ approaches often yield work of limited value and purpose.