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Using music itself as the main vehicle for communication, pupils are encouraged and nurtured to create, compose, and evaluate music. Through cutting-edge techniques, realistic scenarios, and passion for our discipline, we regularly see musical outcomes that transcend the classroom setting.


Rather than a dictatorial format, we believe in equipping our students with the tools necessary to learn to play a part in the sound of the future. Pupils advanced in one of our four offered disciplines at key stage 3 will be able to become learning leaders or assist in the learning of other disciplines.


We believe strongly in being an inclusive department and so have ensured provision for every pupil at Harris Church of England Academy to be able to learn at least basic skills in a popular instrument. Many pupils go on to study their instrument with one of our highly trained visiting instrumental teachers from the County Music Service.



All pupils will be given the opportunity to perform to their class at least twice per term. If they do not already play an instrument then they will begin to learn keyboard and basic music theory during year 7 lessons. Throughout Key Stage 3 pupils will be given the chance to learn other instruments such as guitar, bass guitar and drum kit, and will be encouraged to form ensembles within the classroom setting. This sets up pupils well for taking music at GCSE or BTEC level.



  • Through the use of our suite of Apple Macs we have powerful compositional tools on hand for pupils to be able to quickly turn their musical thoughts into reality, without the limitations of advanced music theory / performing ability which would otherwise be necessary. Advanced pupils will be encouraged to write music for their own instrument in addition.


Understanding:- Being able to understand and write about music, both in terms of basic theory and listening exercises. Often this will be approached in an innovative, practical manner and will involve pupils both playing for and listening to others, along with appraising performances. We aim to make this as ‘hands on’ as possible at all times.



In September 2013 we launched a brand new course – BTEC Music Technology, and along with this our brand new, fully equipped recording studio. This is in addition to our existing suite of Apple Macs which are already well established in the department. Pupils will be able to use the studio as a part of their lessons from time to time, and given the opportunity to earn time to cut their own tracks over lunch times and after school by negotiation. The music business is one of the most exciting, rewarding, and biggest employers of people all over the world. We believe that these four strands of music give our pupils all of the necessary tools to succeed in the music of today and in to the future, while encouraging independent learning and creativity. [As long ago as 400BC Plato recognised that the discipline involved in learning a musical instrument was the perfect way for children to learn how to study independently. Nothing about that has changed.] We strive to seek opportunities for pupils to share their work both in and outside of school. Many of our talented pupils have recently been playing gigs at venues such as the Caldecott Arms (Long Lawford) and at The Vault (town centre). They are regularly called upon by people in the music business to perform or help with various ventures. All pupils feel included and have something to offer because of this, and at Harris Church of England Academy we see our children thrive in this musical environment.



Music at Harris Church of England Academy gives all pupils opportunity to express themselves, find themselves as individuals and promote team work as key principles.



We have close links with Rugby Youth for Christ, who regularly work with our pupils on song writing and singing. The music department regularly performs and contributes to whole school worship.



We encourage pupils to write self-reflective lyrics from Blues style of music to Contemporary pop. We also explore and perform protest songs.



All class work in music encourages pupils to plan, carry out and evaluate their work, both as individuals and working with peers.



In both KS3 and KS4 we explore music from all over the world, including Indian, Samba and African.

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