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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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Speakers for Schools: Peers for the Planet

We are pleased to announce that next week, we have an exciting live broadcast from Peers for the Planet. Peers for the Planet is a House of Lords climate and biodiversity action group.

Peers for the Planet have kindly brought together a info PDF for students on the of the House of Lords in Climate Action:


Date: Wednesday 25th November

Time: 17.00 – 18.00

Age group: KS4 & 5/ S4-6

Host: Baroness Helene Hayman. Panel: Baroness Floella Benjamin, Baroness Rosie Boycott & Lord Richard Chartres

Join Link:


Join Speakers for Schools and Peers for the Planet for an exciting panel discussion. We are delighted to have this broadcast hosted by Baroness Hayman with members of Peers for the Planet on the panel. The Peers will discuss topics including what sparked their interest in climate change and the environment and legislating for change.


The talk will be webinar style and so attendees will not have their cameras or microphones on. There will be a Q+A chat function where students can ask their questions, which will be moderated by SFS staff.