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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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Discover Materials this Winter

On Thursday the 15th December our year 10 Designing the Built Environment and Product Design students remotely joined university lecturers to learn more about materials.  The first lecture was interactive with questions and answers going to and fro.  The students looked at different materials and products under a microscope.  They enjoyed learning about crystalline structures and how these exist in metals, seeing these under the microscope as well as sugar and salt crystals. The microscopy of a sponge was really interesting as well as how bubbles join.  The latter lectures focused on how LED's work and Nuclear power.  More really fun information about materials can be found at #discovermaterials @hamlettcae  or see our Harris Creative and Technical Arts @Harris AcademyDT.


Sessions were recorded and are available on YouTube for any students who wish to view them.