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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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House Competition - Trick Shot Challenge

The Harris PE department are challenging you to complete your best trick shot.


Over the next few weeks, we want you to record yourself performing a trickshot. The video must meet the following criteria:


The performer and the target in the shot at all times

The video to be no longer than 20 seconds

You can use any type of ball (golf, football, rugby, basketball etc.)

If you do not have a ball then you can use any object in and around your house (rolled up socks, teabag, etc)



Entries to be emailed to one of the following teachers:


Year 7:

Year 8:

Year 9:

Year 10:

Year 11:


Closing date is Friday 26th February


1st - 100 house points

2nd - 80 house points

3rd - 60 house points

4th - 40 house points



Any trick shots should be done in a controlled and safe manner.

Any trick shot that is carried out with an object that we see as unsafe or dangerous will not be considered.