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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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On Thursday 6th November 2014, ten Year 11 students from the Harris Academy joined with students from two Birmingham schools in a Video Conference with representatives from Jaguar Land Rover Recruitment Services.


The aims of the conference were to allow students to raise queries and to ask questions regarding applying for both the Advanced and the Higher Apprenticeships with Jaguar Land Rover. Included in the panel from JLR were two current apprentices and two representatives from the Recruitment Department.


Harris students asked a variety of questions ranging from ratios of female to male apprentices to asking for a detailed account of the recruitment process.

The conference was hosted by staff from the Virtual University who worked remotely; in conjunction with Mr Merry ICT Manager at Harris Academy in order to synchronise the technology required to make the conferencing possible.


Feedback from those students involved agreed unanimously that the conference had been a great success and that they were pleased to have been given the opportunity to speak to young people that were going through the process and to learn what it takes to pursue this career goal.


Mrs J Edmonds
Head of York House.