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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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At Harris C. of E. Academy we’re so proud of the start made by our 2014 Year 7 cohort of students. They are a bright and enthusiastic year group and so it was only a second’s decision to give every student the chance to shine on the stage. Since the Spring in the Year 7 students have developed their performance skills in their discrete Music and Drama lessons under the tutoring of the specialist drama and music team of Sammy Farmer, Neil Williams and Chris Browning.


Chris Browning, Head of Drama explained, ‘The Year 7 Showcase is a statement of intent; we believe at Harris that every student deserves the opportunity to shine on stage from the outset so they can develop personal confidence and creative skills as well as the memories and friendships which will last throughout their career here at Harris Academy.’


Headteacher Michael Stoppard said, ‘The Year 7 Showcase is a demanding project but also one which the students have had to give real thought to. The themes of Les Miserables are love, faith, justice, responsibility, and fairness which complement the values we all believe in here at Harris. Celebrating pupils’ achievement is central to the school’s inclusive community ethos and this is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate some wonderful achievements from both students and staff.’