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'While we have time let us do good to all’. (Galatians 6:10)'

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Another successful Ski trip has returned from Zell-Am-See, Kaprun, Austria, under the guidance of Mr Timothy, Miss Barnett, Miss Lewis and the “Awesome” “Absolute G” ski instructor Angelo.


We all returned safe, uninjured, exhausted and brimming with accomplishment.


The Jugendgasthaus Pecile,  Zell-am-See.

Stunning Views.


By the end of the week the “snow snakes” were defeated and our trusty “snow inspectors” could ski the slopes without checking the quality of the snow at every turn.


The students’ comments about the trip ranged from “it was awesome” and most spoke about how they enjoyed being able to “make new friends.”


“I most enjoyed being able to do the metal jump after struggling at every turn in the first few days”


“Skiing the whole slope”


“I have most enjoyed the ski experience and trying different skills"


“I really enjoyed learning how to ski confidently and at the end of the week having the ability to go fast without falling.”


“I have enjoyed learning to ski down busy slopes, learning about Austrian Culture, seeing Miss Lewis beating Mr Timothy.”


The students also enjoyed witnessing the friendly rivalry between the staff and this was mentioned in several accounts of the slalom races and ski race night.


Thank you to all of the students who came on the 2018 Ski trip for never giving up! You should all be extremely proud of your accomplishments.

Mr Timothy, Miss Barnett and Miss Lewis.


If you are interested in attending the proposed 2019 Ski Trip please speak to Mr Timothy