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Students attend STEM Discovery Day at Coventry University

On Monday 13th May, four Think Higher students from Harris attended a STEM Discovery Day at Coventry University, along with 49 students from other schools.  The day was led by Smallpeice Trust, an organisation founded by engineer Dr Cosby D P Smallpeice in 1966 to give young people the support they need to bring their big ideas to life through science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).


Jon, from Smallpeice tasked the students to work in teams to deisgn and build aeroplanes.  They had to cost out their design and draw on their marketing skills to promote their aeroplane companies.  They built their planes using balsa wood and their chosen materials.  Students used their creativity to design their airline companies, including logos and even some uniforms and menus!  They even flew their aeroplanes in University Square next to the cathedral.


Students enjoyed the day with one commenting that he would “most likely take a career in engineering.”