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Harris C of E Academy achieved the National Quality Award for it's Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance {CEIAG} provision. We were awarded this Quality in Careers Standard Award through Investor in Careers on 4th December 2018 after completing a 3 stage process and 2 assessments. We are now proud holders of this award for the next 3 years.  


Harris is a Hub Lead School for Careers


Harris C of E Academy is delighted to have been selected by the Coventry & Warwickshire Careers Hub to represent the Rugby and Warwick district in terms of being a Hub Lead School for careers. 


This means that we are 1 of 6 schools / colleges to act as an ambassador for careers and support others in the area with best practice and project work. 


Harris will work as a Hub Lead School for the academic year of 2020/2021 and very much look forward to the challenge. 


Harris are pleased to be working with the Skills Builder Partnership and their aim is to ensure that every child and young person has the opportunity to build on 8 essential skills, so that they are prepared for all aspects of life. These 8 skills are;

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Staying Positive
  • Aiming High
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

Therefore, we aim to embed these 8 skills within the school environment so that students understand how they use them on a daily basis and how they can transfer these skills into their post 16 education and future careers. We have also linked them into the Harris values so that they can be easily remembered as below;


HARMONIOUS – Students must listen to their peers and staff and speak in an appropriate manner.  Students can also link teamwork into this by working together in a harmonious manner.


ASPIRATIONAL – Students are encouraged to stay positive and aim high. Students may also need to be creative and solve problems to aspire to where they want to be.


RESPONSIBLE – Students could portray their leadership skills in being responsible and by influencing others and leading by example. Listening skills are always essential in being responsible, so students know what is expected of them.


RESPECTFUL – Language and speaking skills must always be respectful towards others.  Students must also be respectful during teamwork when working together.


INSPIRATIONAL – Creativity is essential in becoming inspirational. Students can also be inspired by listening to others who can advise them of their next steps.


SOCIABLE – Students must highlight their communication skills through speaking and listening to peers and staff and must be able to work as part of a team.




If you are looking at this page, you are probably at the exciting {and somewhat daunting} stage in your life where you are considering which route to take once you finish your school life at Harris C of E Academy.


There is a minefield of information out there in regards to; Further and Higher Education - Sixth Forms, Colleges, A-Level Courses, Apprenticeships, Work Place Training, Universities, Volunteering and the list goes on and on.


I imagine you are more than likely thinking "Where do I start?", "Who can help me?" and "What are the best options?" and so many more questions!


Well, this page is for you and it is intended to be used as additional information to support, advise and guide you in making the right decision for YOU!


There will be links to useful websites, games, activities, forthcoming events etc... but remember; you can always seek advice from those around you such as Parents / Carers, Teachers, Staff members and your school Careers Advisor. There is always someone to help you, so never be afraid to ask!!  Good Luck in the search for your future career !



Mrs Andrea O'Brien - Level 6 Careers Advisor

Telephone:- 01788 812 549 ext.433


Mrs Siobhan Roberson - Careers Lead / Business Manager and Asst. Head

Telephone:- 01788 812 549 ext. 428 



The most important aim is to SUPPORT, GUIDE and ADVISE our students in order to help them make their own informed decisions and take the right steps and routes for their future study and career choices.


We wish to inspire and motivate our students in all year groups in order to fulfil their potential. We will also adhere to the Careers Strategy and the 8 Gatsby benchmarks in order to "help every pupil develop high aspirations and consider a broad and ambitious range of careers... whilst continuing to reflect our schools ethos and Christian values."


Harris C of E Academy will provide a range of activities in the form of;

  • Access to resources in the Careers Hub within the school library. 
  • Access to online tools and resources and a large range of educational and career websites
  • Face to Face support, advice and guidance
  • The opportunity for students to visit local career fairs, events and college open events
  • Visits from employers covering a wide range of different industries
  • Visits from local 6th form, colleges and universities
  • Motivational Speakers

All students will be treated in a fair and consistent manner and all information will be open to all students irrespective of age and sex to ensure equal opportunities for all.


This year sees many more virtual work experience opportunities and Speakers for Schools has hundreds of opportunities for students as young as 14 years old. Some of these virtual experiences are for a day only, 1 hour in an evening or over a couple of evenings. There really is something for everyone. To register so that you can view these opportunities, simply click on Experience > Sign In ( You can then view all of the opportunities and apply if you like something. 


To give you an idea of what is available, please see a list of the brand new vacancies this week;


Virtual Work Experience Opportunities:



  • Marketing and Business Development VWEX with RIFU
  • Dates: 26 May 2021 (10am – 3pm)
  • Eligibility: Year 10 and 11 students keen to learn more about a career within Product Design, Project Management, and Sustainability Research.
  • Application Deadline: 5 May 2021



  • Careers in Construction - Dragados
  • Dates: 1 June 2021(10am -12pm)
  • Eligibility: 15 – 19 year old interested in apprenticeships and careers in construction, transport and infrastructure.
  • Application Deadline: 1 May 2021


Year 11 - please click on the link below to complete a Careers Action Plan to enhance your employability skills.


Call out to employers and volunteers!

As an academy, we are always very keen to work with local and national employers. We encourage our students to have as many encounters as possible with employers and employees, as well as experiences in the workplace.


To this end, we welcome any volunteers into the academy who are happy to support us with our many careers events, such as mock interviews, support with work experience placements, careers assemblies, careers workshops, the Big Bang Fair, the annual careers fair etc. 


Should you wish to find out more information or volunteer your services, please contact us via


Thank you to all of you for your continued support! 




What's on in the Careers Calendar? 



From September to December 2020 - Year 11 Careers and Further Education Assemblies including;

w/c 28th September 2020 - Assembly from "King", the Gaming Industry giant.

w/c 5th October 2020 - Medical Mavericks - Searching for roles in the NHS.

w/c 12th October 2020 - Virtual tours with Lawrence Sheriff 6th Form and Rugby Free Secondary School 6th Form.

w/c 19th October 2020 - Warwickshire College Group and Virtual Tour with Moulton College

w/c 2nd November 2020 - Bilton 6th Form Virtual Tour

w/c 9th November 2020 - Rugby High 6th Form Virtual Tour 

w/c 16th November 2020 - WMG Academy Virtual Tour and presentation  

w/c 23rd November 2020 - Allied Health Professions {AHP} presentation

w/c 30th November 2020 - Ashlawn 6th Form presentation from Head of 6th Form.

2nd December 2020 - Q&A session with Rugby High 6th Form for those students who wish to attend. 

w/c 7th December 2020 - MGTS Engineering Apprenticeship Opportunities 


From September to December 2020 - Year 11 Careers Meetings for those students who may need additional transitional support.


September 2020 - Commence the impartial one-to-one Careers Meetings for all year 10 students. 


8th and 9th December 2020 - Year 11 Virtual Mock Interviews with professionals. 


Throughout the whole of December 2020 -  The National Apprenticeship Show which can be accessed via  and The National School and College Leaver Show which can be accessed via



January to end of the spring term - Continuation of Year 10 careers meetings and continuation of meetings with year 11 students who require transitional support.
January to end of the spring term -   Live broadcasts and webinars are offered to students by numerous professionals each week. The Agenda is outlined below;

  • 4th January 2021 - To be viewed at any time as pre-recorded - Stratford-upon-Avon College presentation for year 11 students. View via 
  • 14th January 2021 from 5pm-6pm - CEO of Virgin Atlantic Airways {Speakers for Schools}
  • 19th January 2021 from 5-6pm - Vice President of Microsoft Worldwide Education {Speakers for Schools}
  • 20th January 2021 from 10am -11am - Wildlife Cinematographer {Speakers for Schools}
  • 20th January 2021 from 2pm - 3pm - Introduction to Animation & VFX with Industrial Light and Magic. {Speakers for Schools}
  • 21st January 2021 from 10am - 11am - Chief Opportunities Officer & CEO of Company Shortcuts Ltd {Speakers for Schools}
  • 25th January 2021 - 4:30pm - Leadership Development Webinar {Unifrog}
  • 26th January 2021 - 4:30pm - Digital Skills Development {Unifrog}
  • 27th January 2021 - 4:30pm - Problem Solving Skills {Unifrog}
  • 27th January 2021 - 12pm - 6pm - The UK University & Apprenticeship Search
  • 28th January 2021 - 4:30pm - Enterpreneurship Skills {Unifrog}
  • 1st February 2021 - 10am -11am - Dorothy Byrne, Editor-at-large, Channel 4, Chair, Ethical Journalism Network & Former Head of News and Current Affairs, Channel 4
  • 2nd February 2021 - 10am - 11am - Branko Bjelobaba, Finance and Engaging in Democracy Speaker
  • 2nd February 2021 - 2pm - 3pm - Speakers for Schools Experience Nursing Broadcast: Dr Crystal Oldman, CEO, The Queen's Nursing Institute
  • 2nd February 2021 - 4:30pm - Communication and Presenting Skills Development {Unifrog}
  • 3rd February 2021 - 6pm - 9pm - RAF Live Broadcast
  • 3rd and 4th February 2021 - Rate my Apprenticeship Event
  • 4th February 2021 - 2pm - 3pm - Penguin Talks in Partnership with Speakers for Schools: How to motivate yourself, with Adrienne Herbert and Alice Living
  • 8th February 2021 - 10am - 11am - Tom Toumazis MBE, Former Media, Entertainment and Tech Executive, now investor in start ups
  • 8th February 2021 - 2pm - 3pm - Milo Beckman, Author, Maths without numbers
  • 10th February 2021 - 2pm - 3pm - Jean-Patrick Cheylan, Head of Entertainment Partnerships, Europe, Twitter
  • 11th February 2021 - 10am - 11am - Panel Broadcast with Flipbook Studio. David Cordon, Head of TV and Film, Jo, head Of Production & Yuval Turgeman, 3D Artist.
  • 11th February 2021 - 2pm - 3pm - Penguin Talks in Partnership with Speakers for School. Lit in Colour: Why Empire is Relevant Today, with Sathnam Sanghera and Zawe Ashton.


8th February to 12th February 2021 - National Apprenticeship Week with numerous virtual events offered such as;


1st March to 5th March 2021 -  NATIONAL CAREERS WEEK

Monday, 1st March 2021 will see the launch of our Year 7 and Year 8 competition which links Careers and World Book Day. The lucky winners will receive a £10 voucher!

Monday, 1st March 2021 - A Work Experience Workshop for year 10 students.

NHS Competition for years 7, 8 and 9 where students can design a job description for a role in the NHS, with the opportunity to win lots of prizes.

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021 - Virtual Careers Show organised by the Coventry & Warwickshire Careers Hub for ALL year groups and parents.


Thursday, 4th March 2021 – University of Warwick Question and Answer session with year 10 and 11 students.

Friday, 5th March 2021 – Celebrating Women in Careers. A selection of pre-recorded talks, videos, websites etc. will be sent to all year groups.

And there’s more!

  • Inspirational Careers Quote of the Day!
  • Fun careers based activities for all year groups
  • Look out for our teacher interviews with our Careers Champions
  • Video clips for different sectors


And something for parents too!

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021 at 7pm – The Power of Networks Expert advice on how your child can build a powerful network. Simply register via this link;


Year 9 & Year 10 Discover Economics Virtual Series – Tuesday 23rd - Thursday 25th March 2021 

·       Warwick’s Economics department are running a series of online events for Year 9 and Year 10 students and their parents/carers on Tuesday 23rd - Thursday 25th March (at various times). 

·       The event aims to give students a good understanding of what economics is, which will enable them to make informed decisions about future choices. 

·       There will be a range of exciting talks from economists and academics, along with information about economics-related careers and an exciting competition for students to get involved with. 

·       More information about the event - and the student registration form - can be found online hereRegistrations close at midnight on Wednesday 17th March 2021. 

To register, please click this link:-



24th May to 28th May 2021 - Year 10 Work Experience.

Further events to be confirmed such as, Year 7 Careers Detective Workshop.



Speakers for Schools are constantly updating their website with new virtual work experience opportunities for students in years 9 and above. You can simply register your details for free and keep browsing until an opportunity that suits you arises. Simply log on via Then  create a login under the "Young People Sign in" section. You are then free to search the website by using the filters. This is a fantastic website should students wish to look for work experience with well established companies throughout the year.



During this section, please find a selection of pre-recorded videos from different companies and industries, to tell you more about life within specific roles and sectors. This page will be updated as and when we receive them at Harris, so keep your eyes peeled for more!



Ceracon –


Fanuc –


Real Estate


Letting a -




Sitel –


Telent –



Virgin & Castle –



 Vivarail –


Training providers

 MTC (Engineering) –


WCG (Various) –


Midlands Group Training Services (Engineering) –



6th Forms

Bilton 6th Form - The virtual open event is now live and applications are now open! Please watch the event via and click the very big orange 'click here to join' tab on the homepage.


Rugby Free Secondary 6th Form -  Please see the virtual tour via the link below and for details on the application process!


Rugby High 6th Form - If you are interested in the virtual open event with RH6, please ensure that you register for the event via which will take place on 11th November 2020.  RH6 are also holding a live Q&A session with the Head of RH6, Head Teacher and members of the Senior Student Leadership Team.  The event is on Wednesday 11th November 7pm - 8pm.  To register for this session, please view the following link for details;


Ashlawn 6th Form -  Ashlawn 6th form are opening their virtual tours and application process from Thursday, 26th November 2020. Please visit to view the tour and find our more information about life at Ashlawn. In the meantime, please also view the following presentation from the Head of Ashlawn 




Bookings for Virtual Open Events are open at:



Newman University Birmingham are holding their Open Days on the following dates;

  • Wednesday, 9th June 2021
  • Saturday, 3rd July 2021



The Aspire2Be Academy of Sport is hosting a number of Virtual Open Evenings over the next few months. To book, please visit the following link;



Army webinar regarding University funding for degree level qualifications in the Army - 31st March at 6pm. 

Students may be considering their path to a successful future, including university. The costs of higher education can be daunting, but the Army has many ways to help students get the funding they need.

With over 70 different job roles, there are opportunities for learning and development for everyone in the Army, including degree-level qualifications before or during a career.

To find out more about university funding, we’re hosting a live webinar on 31st March at 6pm for you and your students. Book your place for free here;


ASK Apprenticeships are offering free apprenticeship sessions in the following;


Find your Spark – presentation by an Apprentice who will talk about his Apprentice Electrician Journey    


West Midlands Police Apprenticeship Presentation


Please register early to avoid disappointment as the event will close a day before, after this all attendees will receive a Microsoft Teams invite for the event.




CUMMINS Apprenticeships

Daventry Power Systems Plant are currently recruiting apprentices to train in the following fields:


Level 3

Maintenance Technician

Manufacturing Technician

Control Systems Product

Development Applied

Mechanics Quality Lab 


Level 4

Maintenance Technician

Manufacturing Technician

Control Systems Product

Development Applied Mechanics

Quality Lab


Closing date for applications is 30th April 2021

For Further Information on our Apprenticeship Programmes, please contact our HR department on: Tel: 01327 886218 Email: Cummins Ltd, Royal Oak Way South Daventry, Northamptonshire. NN11 8NU


Apprenticeship Vacancies at Absolute Works

 Absolute Apprentices offers a range of apprenticeships.


Customer Service Practitioner Level 2  based in Kenilworth.

Working for a small but expanding ecommerce based store providing high end motorcycle accessories and car care products.

The role will include being the first point of contact, providing excellent customer service and dealing with phone and email enquiries.

Apprenticeship duration is 15 months. 9-5pm. £4.15


Community Activator Coach Level 2 based in Coventry

We are looking for 3 leisure attendants to work in a busy leisure centre. You will work on the centres swimming programme and assist sports coaches in schools.

Apprenticeship duration: 18 months. 40 hours per week. £4.15 per hour


Retailer Level 2 based in Leamington Spa and Stratford Upon Avon

We are looking for 2 retailers to be based at the Leamington Spa or Stratford upon Avon store. Working in store you will be advising customers on the most suitable phones and accessories. You will need to able to work to sales targets and have excellent customer service and listening skills.

Apprenticeship duration: 15 months. 40 hours per week £5 per hour.


Applications for all positions to be sent to


Apprenticeships at Coventry College for School Leavers

Please look at the below link for all school leaver apprenticeships.



Please visit the below website for more on KPMG Apprenticeships.


Applications are open for DHL Apprenticeships nationwide. For more information, please visit


E.ON have just opened up a fantastic new opportunity for a Developer Tribe Apprenticeship  Some key points you’ll want to know:

•  The Apprenticeship itself will earn £14,420 a year starting salary with an opportunity to progress to £17,510.

•  Not only will you be gaining valuable experience with a leading energy company, you will work towards achieving a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship Standard, equivalent to 2 "A" Levels. This in turn could lead to a full time

•  It will last a minimum of 15 months and will see you based in our Coventry Office.

 For those who complete the Apprenticeship there will be an opportunity to take up a permanent, full time role within E.ON, with the additional opportunity to carry on studying for more qualifications whilst earning a very competitive salary.

If you’re interested in finding out more information please visit our Careers page -


MGTS - Centre of excellence for the provision of engineering apprenticeships

MGTS are recruiting for Engineering Apprentices for their September 2021 intake. Applications will open from Monday, 26th October 2020. 


MGTS would love to hear from you if you have or are predicted to gain 5 x GCSEs (or equivalent). Grades must be A*-C / 9-5 for Maths and A*-C / 9-4 for English, a Science and two other subjects or if you have completed AS, A Levels or BTEC National in Engineering and are looking for a challenging and rewarding career. 


Please visit for more information and to apply.


BT Apprenticeships

BT offer apprenticeships in a wide range of career paths - apply today!

BT apprenticeships are now open for applications to join us in 2021. We’ve recently been voted the UK's best private sector apprentice employer, so when it comes to apprenticeships and being a great place to start your career, we know what we’re talking about. Our apprenticeships aren’t all about selling broadband and phone lines though, we do a lot more than that. 

Our Apprenticeships 

We offer apprenticeships from Level 2 through to Level 6, meaning we really have something for everything. Perhaps you want to get into Customer Service – great, we have an apprenticeship for that. IT & Technical Support? Yes, that too. Software Development, Sales, Electronics, Data Analysis, Network Design…..we could go on. All we ask is that students meet our entry requirements for a role; we can teach the rest. 


To find out more information, please visit


RAF Recruitment


A career in the Royal Air Force will provide you with a whole host of possibilities. You will receive world class training, allowing you to learn and develop throughout your career. The Royal Air Force performs a wide range of duties to serve and protect the UK and the world. We provide all personnel with a varied range of training and activities to make sure you're ready for anything.
A career in the RAF is about discovering your natural talent and working out together what makes you valuable, productive and happy.
From the chefs to the jet pilots they send out on full stomachs, the RAF is full of ordinary folks, just like you, who came to us, often with nothing more than a desire to lead a less ordinary existence.
The Royal Air Force provides countless unique opportunities for young people. Allowing you to have the perfect work life balance, between the RAF and home. Between work, travel and sport, no two days will be the same.
Join the Royal Air Force and you will get much more than just a job – you’ll have opportunities that no other employer can hope to match. From worldwide travels to lifelong friendships, life in the RAF is a unique experience.

Find out more at





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